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Interior design guidelines

Last edited: 31/08/2022


When it comes to decorating our offices, it is important that the look and feel reflects JYSK’s DNA and our
Scandinavian roots. This is where we as employees spend many hours a day and where we welcome customers
and visitors. Let’s make sure we can be proud of the surroundings and feel right at home.

On the following pages you will find interior design guidelines, covering everything from colours and materials
to specific areas, wall decorations and office accessories.

The guidelines apply to both head office and country head offices.

Wall colours


White is used as our main colour for walls. As a rule of thumb there should be one wall with a contrasting colour in offices and meeting rooms. For the contrasting colour you can chose from below options.  For walls in hallways, reception/lounge and canteen areas the same above rule applies in general however there can be circumstances that require that these areas are handled as seperate cases and may benefit from more than one wall with colour from below options. 






Wooden floors offer a beautiful soft touch to the ambience. Choose a light wood species for a typical Scandinavian look and feel.

And please remember: Before you fall in love with a specific species do make sure that it is durable as many people will be walking on the floors every single day for many years to come, especially in corridors.

In offices and meeting rooms, you might want to consider wall-to-wall carpets for the sake of acoustics.


Wall decorations

Photo wall

Photo walls can be used to create a very special ambience – especially in meeting rooms and lounge areas. We have chosen nature photos of calm situations with reference to Scandinavia. Here you will find the chosen motives. Photos are available for download below. Please chose the corresponding filename for required photo. Notice that the photos needs to be adjusted locally to fit the wall that it should be used for. 

Photo wall photos










Photo 3 exceeds max file size. Please contact MNBF





Photo 3 exceeds max file size. Please contact MNBF







Photo walls should be changed approximately every two years.





Pictures can be used in both offices and hallways.

Use 70 x 50 cm frames (JYSK article - 4937300 Picture frame VALTER 50x70cm) and/or 40 x 50 cm frames (4940000 Picture frame VALTER 40x50cm).

Pictures should be changed at least every year. Update will come from Range & Design department.

The approved chosen photos can be found in below powerpoint presentation. The numbers indicate offices in HO Brabrand but can be used as needed for other HOs. IDs refer to media management:







For navigation use a sign in Frosted glass 50 x 50 (or adjusted if less space).

The navigation sign should contain both Building number (if more buildings) and Floor number. Same layout as foil used on windows in connection to meeting rooms and offices.



Furniture reception & lounge area


The furniture in the reception and in lounge areas should reflect the latest trends. Twice a year, Range & Design creates a new styling. Please, consult the Visual Merchandise handbook for guidance on the chosen styles and presentation – and send a picture of your new reception/lounge area to the Sales and Marketing Manager.



Strategy posters for meeting rooms 

For meeting rooms please use the below combined strategy poster. The poster is 70x100 cm and should be placed in a black neutral picture frame (JYSK doesn't sell one in this size unfortunately). This should be used instead of the 5 separate paper strategy posters from the Customer First Strategy (2014-2019)

All Meeting and one person rooms should have a strategy poster. 

The print ready file can be downloaded here: 

Strategy poster for meeting rooms


General office accessories

Nothing can “disturb” an otherwise beautiful ambience more than a messy desks. The best way to counter this issue is to have desks that allow for storage. And give the surroundings a “clean” look using common Coat Stands and Bins (similar to the one shown) in the offices.

Keep storage furniture to an absolute minimum and only have it if its required for storage. 


Window foil

Foil on windows to offices and meeting rooms:
On front glass in meeting rooms and offices there should be used a foil in frosted layout.

In meeting rooms the room number should be on the door. In offices the room number should be on the designated door sign besides the door. 

Door foil


Offices / room numbers

In offices the room number should be marked outside the office.

The solution contains two parts:

  1. A fixed part with the room number
  2. A flexible part where the Name + Title of colleagues in the offices are to be written. This part is written with Verdana with white text on black background. 


Door sign

Flexible part print template











Reception signs

If there is enough space in the reception, behind the reception or on the front desk.

The statement:
“Bring dedication – Meet possibilities” should be written.


Graphic file can be found here: 






JYSK is an international chain of stores with Scandinavian roots that sells everything for the home.

The first store opened in Denmark in 1979. 

 Read more

JYSK Blue Line

JYSK BLUE LINE is created in order to secure JYSK as a strong and international brand.

When following these brand guidelines, it differentiates us from competitors, increases customers’ recognition and reinforces our identity.


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For enquiries please contact Marketing department