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Last edited: 04/12/2023

Verdana is the corporate JYSK font used for text writing. It must be used for all internal and external texts, web and intranet text,  PowerPoint presentations and general correspondence.


MyriadMyriad Pro is the major JYSK font used for market communication and marketing activities:
• in text headings, campaign papers, inserts and packaging
• for outdoor purposes (long-distance recognition), e.g. shop fronts/facades
• for emphasizing isolated messages used for customer communication, e.g. headings, posters, signs etc.


Open Sans
The Open Sans font is used on all JYSK websites. This is the standard website font. We use this for compatibility reasons. 


Web 3.0 

For web 3.0 we will use the Google font "Inter". The upgrade to web 3.0 is a continuous process and we will therefore for a period have both Open Sans and Inter depending on roll-out stage to web 3.0. 


MYJYSKDOCS. Cannot use Verdana due to technical reasons. The site uses "Helvetica". Furthermore when exporting a page of content from DOCS to Word we unfortunately cant control the font. Please export the document and change the font to Verdana manually. 

Mix of fonts. In some special cases we can have a mix of Myriad Pro and Verdana. E.g. a Powerpoint (that use Verdana) that has Marketing materials in it (that use Myriad Pro). This is OK. 

Special campaigns fonts. In some cases we can use a special font for campaigns to give a special look or feel. This is also OK but only applies to campaigns.



JYSK is an international chain of stores with Scandinavian roots that sells everything for the home.

The first store opened in Denmark in 1979. 

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JYSK Blue Line

JYSK BLUE LINE is created in order to secure JYSK as a strong and international brand.

When following these brand guidelines, it differentiates us from competitors, increases customers’ recognition and reinforces our identity.


Sødalsparken 18, DK-8220 Brabrand, Denmark
Tlf.: +45 89 39 75 00
Fax: +45 89 39 75 01

For enquiries please contact Marketing department