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E-mails and signatures

Last edited: 03/07/2024

It is important to tell the recipient of an e-mail who you are and who we are. The e-mail signature should therefore always be used for communication with anyone outside JYSK. It is not allowed to use additional graphical elements or the like.


  • The font type used for e-mails is always Verdana, 10 pt.
  • The signature is written in Verdana, point sizes 10, 9 and 8 (see description below)
  • The signature font is always Verdana

(on some mobile devices Verdana may not be supported. In this case use the system font or a simple font that is supported. You may also not be able to add JYSK logo, in these cases it is OK to omit)

Our signatures follow the logic explained below and must contain all relevant elements. If your country has a specific syntax for setting up the address line and country its OK to use this syntax:

In the "workplace" field country is written in English for Head Office, Regional Head Office and distribution centers. Country Head offices are written in local language. Home offices or other addresses are not accepted.



The signature should contain elements according to the shown example. Do not ad extra elements.


You can setup your email signature by opening "Outlook", click "File", click "options", select "mail" and then "signatures". 

The logo in the bottom of the signature should be separated with one line space from "". The logo must link to the respective relevant website or country specific website if the function is country specific. Link is setup in Outlook by adding a hyperlink to the logo image in the signature setup. 



Download email signature logo here: 






E-mail addresses should always be written with capital letters JYSK and small letter for country code/.com. E.g.


Examples of signatures:

















JYSK is an international chain of stores with Scandinavian roots that sells everything for the home.

The first store opened in Denmark in 1979. 

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JYSK Blue Line

JYSK BLUE LINE is created in order to secure JYSK as a strong and international brand.

When following these brand guidelines, it differentiates us from competitors, increases customers’ recognition and reinforces our identity.


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Tlf.: +45 89 39 75 00
Fax: +45 89 39 75 01

For enquiries please contact Marketing department