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Online Banners

Last edited: 23/02/2023

Online banners are used by JYSK to advertise campaigns and different activities along the Internet. All banners must be ordered via proof.

Retargeting banners

All banners are retargeting - please note that JYSK uses dynamic banners no more

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Examples of JYSK retargetting banners

All banners must be created within existing layout (e.g. Opening, Outdoor, Superweek). In order to secure consistency, the layout composition (headline position and color, logo size etc) must remain the same. It is allowed to changed the photo, or use different photos (e.x. placing vertical photos for taller banners, or horizontal photos in wider ones).

Examples of different photos used within one campaign:


Vertical banner


Horizontal banner

Facebook banners

Facebook ads has limited allowed text content - no more than 20% of the image can be covered by text message. Please remember to adjust the campaign text to minimum, so it can have correct impact.


Facebook ad example. Please note the 5x5 preview grid (teal line). The text content must fit inside 5 of the squares. This included logo.

Extra banner sizes

While ordering online banners, their dimensions can be chosen according to the predefined list. In case the banners with unusual dimensions are needed, please remember about adding this information in brief section:


Small banners

In order to secure readability, all banners that are smaller than 400px (width) and 120px (height) should consist only of Campaign/Special Activity background, headline and logo. Please see below for comparison of normal and small banners:


Normal size SALE banner


Small size SALE banner

Local Opening banners

For Local Store Opening activity, online banners are also available. They are displayed locally. Exceptionally for these banners Local Opening graphical layout rules apply - specified for Local Opening print materials in different section. All graphical elements (headlines, balloons, flag confetti, and colors) have to be used according to Opening layout. The Headline has to be considerably big to secure good readability. The logo has to be placed like in the regular online banners - right bottom corner and similar size. For these banners background should be solid blue - we don't use the background photo. 

Local Opening online banner







Local Opening online banner - horizontal


Examples of JYSK Local Opening banners - two different sizes from one store opening campaign activity. 


JYSK is an international chain of stores with Scandinavian roots that sells everything for the home.

The first store opened in Denmark in 1979. 

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JYSK Blue Line

JYSK BLUE LINE is created in order to secure JYSK as a strong and international brand.

When following these brand guidelines, it differentiates us from competitors, increases customers’ recognition and reinforces our identity.


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