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Wall signs

Last edited: 03/07/2024


When we encounter a bare section of wall, not covered in fixtures due to either emergency exits or other doorways/space constraints, we want to cover it with a wall banner. 
The wall banner is marked as a yellow line in the store layout – and the text “Marketing Material”.

We have pre-defined 7 pictures that you can use. See further down.

“Scandinavian Sleeping & Living” example.
“Scandinavian Sleeping & Living” example.“Scandinavian Sleeping & Living” example.

“Try a gold mattress” example.
“Try a gold matress” example.“Try a gold matress” example.

The wall banner can be implemented in widths from 1500mm to 3000mm. Heights always aligned w. fixtures.

A speech-balloon is to be centered containing either our payoff “Scandinavian Sleeping & Living” or our “Try a gold mattress” message – depending of the shop-in-shop.
For our payoff we have 3 languages – German, Russian and English. For our “Try a gold mattress” please choose your local language.
The speech balloon may be a loose physical element applied once the main poster is mounted. Centered on both axis.

Leave 100mm at the bottom as space for baseboards etc., poster aligned w. top of fixtures.

Wall signs photos

























To download wall signs photos file, please right-click on above icon and chose "save link as...".


Infospeakers to wall signs photos
2et godt tilbud speech bubble












Filename Size Upload date Download
10936_Speech Bubble_Gold Matress_de 345.87 KB 19.05.2022 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_at 799.28 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_ba 795.25 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_bg 1.78 MB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_ca_es.pdf 336.75 KB 13.12.2023 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_cz 790.8 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_dk 791.37 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_es_es.pdf 338.76 KB 13.12.2023 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_fi 790.14 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_fr 1.77 MB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_fr_be 51.22 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_fr_ch 50.81 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_gr 53.42 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_hr 791.46 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_hu 798.99 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_ie 795.38 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_it_it 792.38 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_nl 795.64 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_nl_be 50.98 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_no 792.41 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_pl 49.46 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_pt.pdf 339.9 KB 13.12.2023 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_ro 1.77 MB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_rs 796.36 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_ru 777.46 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_se 340.15 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_si 50.49 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_sk 796.52 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_ua 802.92 KB 19.11.2020 Download
10936_speech_bubble_gold_matress_uk 795.38 KB 19.11.2020 Download


JYSK is an international chain of stores with Scandinavian roots that sells everything for the home.

The first store opened in Denmark in 1979. 

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JYSK Blue Line

JYSK BLUE LINE is created in order to secure JYSK as a strong and international brand.

When following these brand guidelines, it differentiates us from competitors, increases customers’ recognition and reinforces our identity.


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Tlf.: +45 89 39 75 00
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