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Final proof corrections control

Last edited: 13/11/2017

Due to very high final proof corrections statistics we are going to introduce final proof correction control.

From 20160603 campaign all SMAS or/and SAM (depends how you work in proof) need to add correction code to each note they made in Final Proof.

The process starts in 0603 and  be continue across all countries and all papers until 0702.

Please see below for further introduction.

Please contact your own AC if any questions or doubts regarding this task.

Project – FP corrections


We need to bring corrections % down to 20%

  • in order to keep agreement with agencies
  • strengthen our bargaining position to pitch'en
  • Sales and Marketing must together be better to reduce the number of corrections

How to do it:

  • Marketing as ambassador – CP-team can and must make the difference
  • Close cooperation with agencies - better reporting
  • Close cooperation with Sales


Statistics speaks for themselves



Type of corrections
  • CPH – Change Photo
  • CO - Change Offer
  • CP – Change Price/saving
  • CL – Change Layout
  • CT – Change Text
  • FOC – Free Of Charge
CPH - Change photo
  • Due to incorrect article/photo combination in manus
  • Due to missing photo in manus and proof
  • Due to incorrect photo in FP (primary towels, sheets where AC picked wrong photo in manus and it wasn't controlled by S&E in proof)

E.g. Change Photo


CO - Change offer

Due to out of stock situation

This change can have different sceneries

  • Removing entire offer
  • Removing part of offer (eg. appendix size)
  • Removing part of text
  • Removing color insert
  • Adding limited amount textbar
  • Changing photos (e.g. one bedlinen removed from priority)

E.g. Change Offer


CP – Change price/saving
  • In general all kind of price/saving changing due to competitors analysis etc.
    (saving correction due to calculation error is consider as text correction).
  • Pay attention to correct everything in price adjustment in proof – control before, sale price and saving, if you miss some of corrections and adding it in final proof – this will be stated as text correction.

E.g. Change price/saving



CL – Change layout

(Responsible: CP-team)

All kind of graphical changes

  • Changing/adding background colors
  • Moving saving/graphic (if cover product too much)
  • Removing textbar (if cover product too much)
  • Readability (text/price)
  • Visibility of product
  • Swap offers
  • Change photo

E.g. Change Layout



CT - Change text


  • Spelling mistake
  • Wrong price/saving
    • In case where normal- and campaign price change, and adjusted saving was forgotten
    • In case where campaign price was changed but adjustment was forgotten in text
  • Adding/removing logos, infospeaker, different small graphics (super cena, 0% etc.) Adding/removing online only


E.g. Change text



FOC – Free of charge

If correction from proof is not executed correctly

How to count corrections
  • Corrections are counted pr. priority not pr. page
  • BUT if you correct different things in one priority then each correction will be counted separately.
  • E.g. there are 3 different corrections in one priority – CP, CO, CT


Count corrections (price)

Things connected to campaign price, saving, and normal price in same priority – will count as just 1x change price -CO


Please add the code in the end of your note




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